Everyone Believes Something

We all believe something even if we don’t think about it that much. The Bridge is a chance to explore what true Christianity is all about. It’s a chance to interact, ask questions and share your point of view without any pressure.

How the Course Works

a meal

Food has a way of bringing us together and creating good conversation. It’s no different at Bridge. We start with food because we love to eat and because it’s a great way to encourage community and get to know each other.  Every week there is a different meal served and some of the favorites include:

A Talk

The talks are designed to raise important questions and inspire conversation. Generally thirty minutes long, they seek to answer important questions about life and God such as:


The discussion is probably the most important part of the Bridge. It’s a chance to interact with the talk and share your perspective in a safe environment. You can ask whatever question you like or not say a word. No one will ever call on you.

Conversations are usually held with other people that are your age.  Group 1 is for high school students and group 10 is for seniors.

How did Bridge start?

The Bridge Course started in January of 1998 in a small home on Plumstead Avenue in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania as a ministry of Covenant Fellowship Church. Because we didn’t have a church building we had to start Bridge in homes.  We had around 10 people come to our very first Bridge Course in Lansdowne. After two years we had grown to 6 groups in 6 different homes throughout Delaware and Chester County.  And then our church moved into a new building in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. At this point we transitioned from using videos and doing Bridge in homes to doing the talks live at our church. 

We have and continue to do Bridge in rehabs, senior centers, high schools, colleges, women’s shelters, neighborhoods, work places and really anywhere a video can be watched.  Since posting the videos online, people from all over the world have watched them.  We have also translated the course into Spanish.  God has used the Bridge Course to help many people from many different backgrounds understand the free gift of salvation and forgiveness that comes to us through the death of Jesus Christ in our place on the cross.  We thank God for the thousands of lives that have been changed.