How Do We Know Jesus Rose from the Dead?

People don’t really rise from the dead, so how do we explain the empty tomb that held Jesus for three days? Does the resurrection have any significance for our lives?

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How Good Are You?

Most people think you have to be good to get to God.  But how good do you have to be?  This little booklet not only answers these questions but summarizes the message of the bible and serves as an outline for the Bridge Course. 

  • View the “How Good Are You?” booklet, which is a great summary of the Bible’s main message.
  • Be sure to download the outline for each talk to follow along with the message, see additional questions, and find other book recommendations.
  • Watch the full Talk.
  • Take time to answer the questions after each Talk as this will help you think about what you just heard.
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Is Christianity Really Worth It?

Most people view Christianity as a kind of straight jacket that prevents us from enjoying life. But what if God is the one who can ultimately bring us joy? 

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