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Bridge is a way to explore the Christian faith over 10 weeks. The course is available to anyone, anywhere. You can take the course in person, join an online group or take the course at your own pace. Interested in giving Bridge a try? Watch the introductory talk below.

How to Take the Course

There are three ways to get the most out of Bridge. The first is to join an online discussion group which gives you a chance to interact with the talk, ask questions and hear the perspective of others. The second way is to take the course at your own pace by clicking on a talk below, watching a video and answering some brief questions.  

Bridge is a way to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening environment over ten weeks. Each week begins with a free meal, followed by a talk that addresses important questions about life and God. After the talk, there’s a small group conversation where you can ask questions or just sit back and listen.  There’s no pressure, and no one will force you to believe anything.


We hold these groups once a week on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. If you join a group, you’ll be able to watch the talk on our YouTube channel. The talks will be happening in real time for those who are participating in the course in person. Following the live stream you can jump on zoom where there will be an open discussion where all questions are welcome with no pressure and the promise that no one will call on you. And it’s free.


It’s free and easy. You don’t have to sign up or give us any information, and you can go through the entire course at your own pace. Just click on a talk, watch the video and answer a few brief questions at the end. You can also send us a question and start an online conversation.


  • Take time to answer the questions after each talk as this will help you think about what you just heard.
  • Be sure to download the outline for each talk to follow along with the message, see additional questions, and find other book recommendations.
  • Download the “How Good Are You?” booklet, which is a great summary of the Bible’s main message.
  • If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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