We All Have a Story

Sometimes those stories are full of joy; other times they are marked by sorrow. God has a story that can change everything, and he wants it to be part of your story, too.


At age 18 I was mainlining methamphetamines.  Just five years late at age 23 I had three children.  My life was like a really bad Lifetime movie.  But through the Bridge course God brought truth, meaning, hope, and satisfaction.


I grew up attending church and reading the Bible. While I had exposure to the truths of the scripture I lived a rebellious life. I was a christian in name only, but Bridge helped me to open my eyes and truly surrender my life to Jesus.


As an EMT I saw a lot of tragedies first hand.  How could God allow all this suffering? I walked away from God, but little did I know what transformation He would have for me.


Isolated and quarantined from friends and family, depression and anxiety were pervasive struggles in my life.  But God used the pandemic to show me a new way.